Patented Suction Technology

  • Fusion-Loc products feature the revolutionary Vacuum Fusion Suction technology that was designed to eliminate all the issues and faults of traditional suction cups. The performance of the Vacuum Fusion Suction Technology is unrivaled and is now the best selling and fastest growing suction range in the market.
  • Unlike all other suction cups Vacuum Fusion suction cups can be installed by anyone easily and consistently. There is no twisting action like other suction cups to create the suction which means you do not require strong wrists and grip to install successfully. Read our BLOG on how suction cups work here.



  • Vacuum Fusion Technology uses a pump to extract the air from inside the suction cup which has a hollow chamber. This chamber allows for a much larger vacuum to be created in comparison to a tradition suction cup that only has a flat round disc used to try and create a vacuum. The stronger the vacuum the longer the suction cup will hold in place and the heavier the weight it can hold.
  • The pump can be easily used by anyone, even children, which allows for consistent installation every time. The ease of installation and the consistency of the vacuum created are two of the major reasons why our products are preferred over our competitors. Read our suction cup comparison BLOG here



  1. Vacuum Fusion suction cups use an engineered high density rubber to seal seal the vacuum chamber from air penetrating the chamber.
  2. The hollow chamber is the key to generating an extreme suction power. Traditional suction cups do not have a fixed chamber they rely on the installer creating a chamber when twisting the centre cap on. This means that you can only achieve a moderate strength vacuum if you have very strong wrists and fingers.
  3. One piece mold ensures the suction remains air tight.
  4. The silicone centre valve seals the suction cup by preventing air entering into the chamber and reducing the vacuum. This the point where you place the blue pump to extract the air during installation.


  1. Traditional suction cups require a combination of both downward pressure and tightening which makes them difficult to install correctly.
  2. Mechanical tightening method of turning the round cap leads to wide variances in performance as the cap needs to be turned as tight as possible to create a vacuum chamber large enough to stay attached to the wall.
  3. The round plastic suction cup is affected by changes in temperature and moisture which lead to the loss of the suction power and eventual failure.
  4. The suction cup allows air to penetrate through the disc and into the chamber which diminishes its suction capacity.


  • Vacuum Fusion Suction Technology is so strong that our square suction cups can hold up to 13kg and our round suction cups can
  • hold up to 8kg each. Which when combined with a second suction cup and a shower caddy can hold a combined weight of up to 26kg and 16kg respectively.
  • We are able to achieve close to a 100% vacuum, something none of our competitors can even come close to achieving. This strength ensures that our suction cups don’t fall down.