Combo Suction Shower Caddy

Combo Suction Shower Caddy


Our Fusion-Loc Series 98 Combo suction shower caddy is easy to install, 100% DIY as well as modern and stylish.

Ideal for bathroom renovations or make overs when you do not want to drill into your wall, that’s right NO DRILLING REQUIRED. Its round chrome suction cups feature our patented Vacuum Fusion Technology, which is the leading technology available in suction bathroom accessories.

Our Fusion-Loc Series 98 Combo suction shower caddy is perfect for showers and bathrooms or anywhere you need additional storage around the house really and won’t let you down by falling off the wall. Vacuum Fusion suction cups can be installed 100’s of times and are a genuine replacement for fixed bathroom accessories. 100% DIY, easy to install and requires no drilling.

Our easy to install DIY Combo Suction Shower Caddy is suitable for glazed tiles, glass, laminates, vinyl and other non-porous surfaces.

You can see how easy it is to install by watching our installation videos.

So what makes our suction technology better than everything else on the market?

Well, I’m glad you asked, traditional suction cups use a round rubber disc that both allows air to penetrate as well as deteriorates over time especially when subject to constant temperature changes like that of a shower or bathroom. Both of these attributes significantly affect the holding power or suction power which is why they fall off. The other major factor as to why they are inferior to Fusion-Loc products is how the suction power is created. Traditional suction cups require you to screw a cap of some description around as much as you can to create the suction which means that the strength of the suction depends on how strong your grip and wrist is. Fusion-Loc only requires you to pump the air out of the fixed chamber of the suction cup with our blue pump which is supplied with every Fusion-Loc product. This creates close to a 100% vacuum, something no other suction cup can come close to doing.

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Dimensions: 11 × 35 × 15 cm
Weight Rating: 16 kg
Product Code: 98003
Bunnings Fineline: 0067578
Installs in under 60 seconds!
Ideal for glass, tiles, laminates & vinyls
No drilling or tools required